May 16, 2021

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Romelu Lukaku claims he would “die” for Antonio Conte

New Serie A champion Romelu Lukaku has said he will “die” for Antonio Conte, while revealing some unusual secrets on the training grounds that have improved his game.

Since arriving in Milan in 2019, Lukaku has played some of the best football of his career under Conte. During his first season at Inter, he managed to score 34 goals in 51 appearances in all competitions and continued to make the net in this campaign as the Nerazzurri took their first Scudetto since 2010.

Romelu Lukaku
Lukaku has done well since signing for Inter Maurizio Lagana / Getty images

Supported by Lukaku’s fine form, Inter led for most of the season and were finally confirmed as Serie A champions on Sunday after Atalanta drew 1-1 with Sassuolo.

Speaking after securing the title, the striker praised his manager in an interview with La Tribune (via FCInterNews).

“I was going to die for Conte,” Lukaku said. – I failed to join him at Chelsea (in 2017), but I always said that I played for him as soon as he left Manchester United. Conte told me very directly: “If you do not work in training, you will not play, it is essential to know how to play with your back to the goal. It is important to meet people who tell you the absolute truth to help you improve. “

In addition to scoring incredibly soon, Lukaku provided more assists this season, setting up his teammates for nine goals so far.

He went on to explain how Conte’s training methods helped improve this part of his game, saying: “I improved my back to the goal thanks to a machine we use in training that shoots balls at me 30-40 km / h, I have to direct them to my teammates. “

“Before, I was always a little behind the defender marking me, now I’m two seconds ahead of them. This will never be my favorite kind of job, but now I play a crucial role, a bit like Shaquille O’Neal in basketball.”