PSG will be without a world-class striker for the semifinals of the Champions League

Tuesday night hosts the Champions League final of the Champions League of Manchester City and PSG.

After a 2-1 win in France last week, entering the exciting draw is an advantage for Citizens.

Expecting to reproduce its appearance in the Champions League final last season, PSG, now ruled by Mauricio Pochettino, will desperately want to show an attacking display.

Reversing the deficit of 2: 1, however, will not be easy and if the Parisians will have any chance against the champions chosen by England, of course, they will need their best players on the field.

Despite what seems like a crushing blow to Pochettino’s pre-match preparations, according to L’Equipe, a world-class striker, Kylian Mbappe will be sent off after an injury.

Mbape is expected to be replaced by striker Mauro Icardi.

Manchester City will look at the team’s early news tonight as a monumental boost.

If the citizens overcome PSG for the second time in so many weeks later tonight, they will successfully reach their first final of the Champions League.

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