José Mourinho’s first reaction after joining AS Roma

José Mourinho did not really have time to rest. Recently fired from his post by Tottenham, he has just found a new post. In fact, AS Roma, who want to differentiate themselves from Paulo Fonseca, have just announced the arrival of the Portuguese technician. A little surprise when we thought Maurizio Sarri was the favorite for this place. Especially the former Chelsea and Inter seemed very happy.

“Thank you to the Friedkin family for choosing me to lead this great club and be a part of their vision. After meetings with the owner and Tiago Pinto, I immediately understood the full extent of their ambitions for AS Roma. It is the same ambition and the same dynamics that have always motivated me, and together we will build a winning project in the coming years. The incredible passion of Roma fans convinced me to take the job and I can’t wait to start next season. In the meantime, I wish Paulo Fonseca good luck and hope the media appreciates that I will only talk more with time. Daje Roma! », Explained the Portuguese at the club.

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