Glazer family stubbornly responds to protests from Man Utd fans

Manchester United’s game against Liverpool has been postponed following a protest at Old Trafford against club ownership after the failed European Super League.

And now United fans have been warned to expect the Glazer family to stubbornly respond to their recent protests against their club ownership.

Supporters have since written to co-chair Joel Glazer warning of continuing legal protests if steps are not taken to give them a stronger voice and a greater say in how the club is run.

But Dr Dan Plumley of Sheffield Business School at Sheffield Hallam University believes American homeowners have a history of thick skin and have been willing to turn entire states upside down in the past.

“One thing we know from history with the American involvement in football clubs – and we saw it at Arsenal – they are holding on, they are quite stubborn,” he told the agency press release PA.

“It’s rooted in the way their sports are organized. (Arsenal owner) Stan Kroenke picked up the Rams (NFL team) and moved them (from St. Louis to Los Angeles) and no one can tell you you can’t.

“You upset a whole state by moving it, but if you’re willing to do it, you can do it – you own it. It’s just not the English model and it’s the cause of the friction over the past few weeks.

Forbes magazine valued Man Utd at $ 4.2 billion (just over £ 3 billion) last month, making him an asset within reach of the super-rich alone.

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Plumley added: “There is a potential for this kind of protest to cause damage to the club’s assessment. The angle is to hurt the glaziers in the pocket, but that won’t do too much, to be brutally honest.

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