May 18, 2021

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Tottenham have “first refusal” for a second loan to Gareth Bale

Tottenham president Daniel Levy will give the new manager the option to return Welsh winger Gareth Bale on loan again for another season, as they have the first refusal of a new loan deal for the man from Real Madrid.

After battling injuries early in the season, Bale is enjoying an impressive renaissance with the Spurs. He has scored eight goals in his last six starts, including Sunday’s dazzling hat-trick against Sheffield United.

Gareth Bale
Bale impressed in 2021 | Sean Boteril / Getty images

Bale is currently preparing to return to Real at the end of the season, as there is no option to buy in his contract, but the Daily Mail says the Spurs have the option to extend it for another year if Bale agrees to stay.

No decision has been made yet, and both Spurs and Bale are waiting to see who will replace Jose Mourinho as the new permanent boss, but there is a growing sense that a second loan would make a lot of sense to everyone involved.

While the Spurs aren’t exactly in love with the idea of ​​paying Bale the best part of a £ 12 million salary for one season of work, there is a recognition that sending him back to Real now and signing a replacement would cost them significantly more than transfer fees and pay.

Daniel Levy
Levy will give his new manager a chance to re – sign Bale Sean Boteril / Getty images

The Spurs see Bale’s return as a deal, but Real’s feelings about letting Bale go on loan again are unclear at the moment.

There is only one year left under his contract with Real, where he obviously does not sign an extension, and the clubs very rarely rent players when they leave for free anyway.

Real also pay nearly £ 150,000 to Bale’s salary, so they prefer to take him out of the books forever this summer. Saying that if no one wants it, paying £ 150,000 is much better than the £ 400,000 he usually collects in a week.

Gareth Bale
Bale has one year to fulfill his contract with Real James Williamson – AMA / Getty Images

Bale has scored 14 goals and three assists in all Spurs competitions this season, enough to become the team’s third top scorer this season.

It is difficult to see how the Welshman refuses another season in the “spurs”, so the final decision on a second loan will probably be left to the one who arrives in the dugout this summer.

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