Celtic: Is this McKay’s first big mistake?

Once a football club is trapped in poor results, it is easy to blame those at the board level; this was certainly the case at Celtic this season.

The “colors” have dominated the top of Scottish football for so long, as Parkhead is constantly being filled with new trophies.

However, as we know, all good things must end. A historic dozen in a row got out of the hoops and now they were usurped by their biggest and fiercest rivals.

Celtic may have won high levels in the last term under Neil Lennon, but you can follow their disastrous 2020/21 campaign until he was appointed. Peter Lowell and the boardroom were not ambitious enough and used £ 10 million in compensation for Brendan Rodgers to bring Lennon back to the club.

His tenure was poor, but Lowell was barely famous. The same goes for the recently departed Nick Hammond.

He left his role at Celtic a few weeks ago and is to be followed by Lowell, who will step down as chief executive in the summer.

Dominic McKay has to replace him, but the former head of Scottish rugby has already started his work behind the scenes.

Celtic’s hunt for a new manager has accelerated since entering the door, but unfortunately McKay is already on the verge of his first big mistake in the transfer market.

This is an area of ​​the club in which they have failed in recent years. Hammond and Lowell brought both Vassilis Barkas and Albian Ajeti to the club last season, for example.

The first was a crash between the rods after a £ 4.5m move, while Ajeti found the net in just six cases after a £ 5m deal.

The Celts never seem to learn their lesson. The latest on the transfer front is that they are trying to finalize the match for Crystal Palace midfielder James McCarthy.

Who should replace Brown in the Celtic midfield?




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The show



The Irishman has been on their radar since last summer and now the Hierarchy of Hoops is in advanced discussions to sign it.

McCarthy is without a contract in a few months, so he won’t return them in a similar way as Barkas and Ajeti, but he still doesn’t make a useful move.

Scott Brown will leave a lot of experience after going to Aberdeen, but Celtic already have younger opportunities to fill their place. Ismail Soro played for more than a minute until Luca Connol won a single first team after signing with Bolton in 2019.

Add Liam Shaw to the equation and you have three young midfielders ready to influence the Bhoys midfield.

McCarthy is now 30 years old and hasn’t played much football at all this season. The General Palace has participated in the English Premier League 13 times, providing evidence that it has not really set the world on fire.

Brown is one of Celtic’s biggest problems this season, regularly surpassed by fast and dynamic strikers. Take, for example, Ryan Kent and Alfredo Morelos last weekend, who erupted against the midfielder’s rebels.

The last thing the Celtic needs right now is another aging player who takes on a high share of salaries.

The hoops are at a time when they need to consider younger alternatives for their team, not players like McCarthy.

And in other news, Imagine him under Howe’s leadership: Celtic have to unleash 6 feet 3 gross who “competes for everything” …

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