May 16, 2021

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Avram Glaser refuses to apologize to Manchester United fans

Manchester United co-chairman Avram Glaser refused to apologize to his fans or address the recent scandal with the European Super League and the ensuing protests when he collided with a reporter in Florida.

Avram is a member of the highest-ranking Glazer family in the combined hierarchy, along with his brother Joel, although the latter takes the largest part in the management of the club.

Avram Glazer, Joel Glazer
Avram (L) and Joel (R) Glazer are co-chairs of Man Utd Michael Regan / Getty Images

Joel Glaser has publicly apologized to fans for the club’s participation in the start of the now defunct European Super League, its first direct communication with supporters since 2005 shortly after his late father Malcolm completed a controversial takeover that plunged the club into debt.

Joel has vowed to regain the confidence of United fans following the ESL scandal. It was widely believed that neither he nor any of his family members ever had it in the first place.

When he approached Sky News reporter Sally Lockwood while appearing to be grocery shopping, Avram Glazer refused to commit at all. He remained completely silent when he returned to his car and drove away, although he was asked important questions for United fans.

“Do you have anything to say to Manchester United fans, Mr Glaser?” Is it time to sell the club, Mr. Glaser? Nothing to say at all? Lockwood asked.

“Are fans just customers for you?” Is the customer always right, Mr. Glaser? Nothing to say to Manchester United fans at all, Mr Glaser?

“This is an opportunity for you, maybe an apology?” Are the fans just customers for you, Mr. Glaser? “

Man Utd fans have been protesting against Glazer's ownership since 2005.
Man Utd fans have been protesting against Glazer ‘s ownership since 2005 Getty Images / Getty Images

Anti-glare sentiments among United fans were present even before the takeover was over. The protests peaked again in 2010, in the midst of the club’s latest successes, and the failed ESL catalyst for the final round, which ended with a mass protest at Old Trafford last weekend.

Since 2005, United’s ownership of the Glaser family has cost the club around £ 1.1 billion.

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