Defense is king in the Champions League

Hugh Winscroft joined Gregor Robertson, Tom Clark and Jonathan Northcroft.

We have one European final in English with Chelsea and Manchester City in the Champions League – how did Guardiola and Tochel get to their team and should the match be transferred to England? (12 o’clock)

We saw big repercussions in Spain, not because Real Madrid lost to Chelsea – but Eden Hazard after the match laughing and joking with his former team-mates. Was he out of line at Stamford Bridge? (27:48)

Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday go to a big weekend as both teams swing to the championship title for next season. Who side will suffer the most from a trip to League One and what next for Wayne Rooney? (33:44)

Fans will be back home for the last two matches of the Premier League this season. Is it fair to allow 10,000 people or 25% of the stadium’s capacity to return suddenly? (50:19)

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