last minute change of venue

Keep in mind that Man City and Chelsea reached the final of the Uefa Champions League after defeating Paris Saint Germain and Real Madrid respectively in the semi-finals.

While the final match is expected to be played later this month in Istanbul Turkey, there are now signs that there may be a last-minute change of venue.

This comes when the British government made UEFA consider a change of venue for the final due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Turkey was on the British Red Travel List.

The United Kingdom had asked football fans not to travel to Turkey for the final while in talks with UEFA to consider switching venues as it is an English final.

Britain hoped that UEFA would consider changing the venue to England, but the latest report has revealed that the football body is considering changing the venue to Portugal instead.

UEFA is ready to confirm that this year’s Champions League final between Chelsea and Manchester City will be moved from Istanbul to Porto’s Estadio do Dragao, according to Sky Sports.

Unlike Turkey, Portugal is on the UK travel green list, however, fans will be required to do a COVID test before embarking on the journey and beyond.

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