Tuchel talks about what to expect in other finals after the loss to Leicester City

Chelsea suffer a defeat in the FA Cup after playing Leicester City in the final of the tournament.

The Blues, who were tipped as favorites to win the trophy, were the first under their new manager, Thomas Tuchel, left disappointed by the foxes.

The latest defeat comes after they suffered a defeat at Stamford Bridge in their Premier League clash against Arsenal.

In response to the loss to Leicester City, the Blues coach, it looks like Tuchel has moved on and his focus is now put on their last two matches in the Premier League and their Uefa Champions League final vs. Man City.

The big challenge for the German coach now is how to prevent the Blues from blowing out of the top four.

Tuchl said after the defeat against Leicester that he is looking forward to the last two Premier League matches next week.

“There is no team that never loses in sports. It’s about getting back and jumping back, showing mentality and faith on Tuesday.

“We missed a trophy and we have two finals against Leicester and Villa, then another final,” he said.

Since Chelsea are unable to win the FA Cup, it will be a big blow for them if they can not at least not stay in the top four.

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