Is Leicester City the people’s hero?

Hugh Wusinkroft joins Gregor Robertson, Tom Clark and Alison Rudd.

Leicester beat Chelsea in the FA Cup Final – did Thomas Tuchel shoot himself in the foot with his tactics? Who woke up with the trophy and how much anticipation does Brendan Rodgers have in the future?

Alison made people cry over his emotional goal in victory and the post-match interview – did he write in the stars that Liverpool would sneak into the top four?

Chelsea women were shocked by Barcelona in the women’s UEFA Champions League final – Molly Hudson joins us from Gothenburg to discuss what went wrong

Why was Wolverhampton’s season disappointing and would they risk losing Nuno Espirito Santo to Tottenham?

Everton finished poorly, after a bright start to the season under Carlo Ancelotti. What went wrong with Goodison and can a Richarlison dealer solve all of their problems?

Inspired by Alison’s goal against West Bromwich Albion, we finish with our favorite goalkeeper goals – Mart Boom vs Derby, anyone?

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