Daniel Levy blames two major cases for Tottenham’s current woes

Tottenham Hotspur president Daniel Levy has suggested that the current COVID-19 pandemic, as well as the club’s new stadium, are to blame for the squad’s current plight.

Tottenham have suffered a steep drop in recent times.

The London team had been in the Champions League final only two seasons ago – although they lost to Liverpool in the end, the team was not far from the place at the biggest stage in Europe.

However, he progressed rapidly for 24 months, the club went through different coaches, were knocked out of the European League for the season and are now on the verge of losing one of the top four.

If that wasn’t tough enough – in recent news, star forward Harry Kane appears to be pushing for the summer transfer, with the likes of Chelsea and both sides rumored to be on the hunt.

Addressing the club’s major fall from grace, Chairman Levy said, according to Sky Sports: “This season, for many reasons, we have not met our growing expectations on the field.

“Everyone had high hopes with the team we gathered. Unfortunately, despite having ranked top of the Premier League in December, we were unable to maintain that position.

“We reached the Carabao Cup Final, but we had a disappointing exit from the European League and now we find ourselves struggling to qualify for Europe, having participated in the European competition for 14 of the past fifteen seasons.

“We are very clear that the centerpiece of our ambitions is a successful football team – and that’s what we all yearn for. We have come close to that over the past seven seasons and everyone’s focus is on getting back to regular participation in the Champions League and competing for titles.”

With the club actively searching for a long-term coach in time for next season, Levy has continued to reveal what kind of candidate he is looking for.

“We are keenly aware of the need to choose someone whose values ​​reflect the values ​​of our great club and return to playing football in the style known to us – free flow, attack and entertainment – while continuing to embrace our desire to see youth. Players from our academy thrive alongside experienced talent.” Levi concluded.

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