Chelsea predicted to miss the top four

While Chelsea sit in third place on the Premier League table, however, that does not guarantee that they will end up in the top four in the ongoing promotion.

Chelsea have Liverpool and Leicester City competing for a place on the remaining two spots on the log table with Man City and Man Utd already in the top two.

However, Sky Sports expert Lewis Jones has predicted that Chelsea will miss the top four this season.

According to him, the chances of Chelsea reaching the top four depend heavily on the outcome of their match against Aston Villa.

If Leicester City beat Tottenham and Chelsea fail to beat Aston Villa at Villa Park, there is a chance that both Leicester and Liverpool could end up in the top four, while the Blues slip to fifth.

Jones believes this is what will play out.

“I would much rather be in Leicester’s shoes and play Tottenham Hotspur at home rather than Aston Villa away.

“When we play with confidence and full strength, Villa have shown that they are a team capable of mixing it up against the top end of the Premier League, as evidenced by their impressive win over Spurs in midweek.

“Playing Chelsea is obviously a step up, but there is a significant bit of juice in getting them on the pitch in this match, especially with Grealish returning to full throttle,” he said.

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