Why Kane might stay at Tottenham

After the Premier League tournament for this season is over and Man City have been named winners, football clubs across Europe will be waiting for the start of the summer transfer window to make some signings.

In the case of Kane, the English international had been in the news for the last few days after declaring he intended to leave North London because he had not won a trophy.

Kane had said he would stay in England and has been linked with moves to Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea, with all three clubs showing interest in signing him.

However, there are signs that Kane may decide to stay at the North London club for another season to see what would happen.

This is a result of Tottenham Hotspur getting a place in the newly created European league called the UEFA Conference League.

The new league, which is a European league in the third division, is expected to be less competitive and could see Hotspurs win their first title next season.

If you do not, they could lose Kane to another club.

In another report, Kane finished this season as the top scorer in the Premier League, scoring a total of 23 goals.

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