Kanter is great, just like two players! -Former Chelsea player Newton praises the player

According to former Chelsea and assistant head coach Eddie Newton, Champions League best player N’Golo Kanter covers so many areas, he is like “two players”.

On Saturday, Kanter performed well. Chelsea beat Manchester City 1-0 to win the first Champions League title since 2012. Kay Haverts scored a decisive goal shortly before halftime.

The France international won 11 of 15 matchups, regained 10 goals for his team, and the shortest man on the court won four of seven aerial duels-none of his team People can compare.

Former Chelsea organizer Joe Cole welcomed Kanter’s performance and told BT Sports: “I think in world football, there is no player more important to his team than Kanter.”

Newton played for Chelsea from 1990 to 1999 and served as assistant head coach in 2012 and 2015-16. He agreed, describing Kanter as the “engine” of the Blues.

“He is an integral part of any team,” Newton told Stats Perform specifically. “He is the engine. He doesn’t care about the noise, he is a very humble person.

“He improves his game every time. The way he trains him to play. His level is always the same.

“He has a very strong mentality. Physically, he is a joke and can cover so many areas; he is like two players.

“He inspires the players around you. It inspires you to do more. If you are going to fight together, you will improve your level, and the natural human spirit will cater to this situation.

“This is what he did; to motivate and inspire others to improve their skills.”

Newton also praised Mason Mount and Rees James very well, and they are both expected to be selected for the England team in Gareth Southgate’s Euro 2020 final.

Mount hit Haverts’ goal with one of three key passes – the most of all players on the court – and he completed the highest pass in the game with a combined pass completion rate of 96%. .

At the same time, James shackled Manchester City forward Raheem Sterling, making more tackles (7) and clearances (5) than any player on the court.

Right-back James is one year younger than 22-year-old Mount. Newton believes that this combination can become an indispensable figure for Chelsea in the next decade.

“Everyone at Chelsea is proud of what Mason has done,” he said. “No matter how many people are around you, the spiritual qualities of this young man make him unique.

“Reese is very good, very close to becoming the best player of the game. He took Sterling out of the game, invalidated him, and forced Sterling to defend. Maybe he won’t get the applause, but he is excellent.

“His performance and attitude have given him a lot of benefits. His work speed, concentration and adaptability are very strong.

“Another one in the future. You are looking at so many players. This is a very young team.

“This is the beginning of a cycle. This may be Chelsea’s next decade. For the rest of the league, they will focus on Chelsea, which is a bad omen for them.”

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