UEFA confirms the date and organization

European football agency UEFA has confirmed the venue and date of Chelsea and Spanish team Villarreal in the Super Cup.

Recall that the Super Cup is held every year between the Champions League and Europa League champions.

Bayern Munich became the champion of last season after beating Sevilla.

This season’s games will be Chelsea, who defeated Manchester City in the UCL final, and Villarreal, who defeated Manchester United in the Europa League final.

Reports indicate that the Chelsea vs. Villarreal match was supposed to be held in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, Istanbul was unable to host the Champions League final for the second year in a row. Some people speculated that they would be handed over. Super Bowl.

However, UEFA announced in its latest statement that the venue is still Belfast.

The statement read: “The 2021 European Super Cup final will be held on August 11 at the National Football Stadium in Windsor Park, Belfast.

“Following recent speculation that the match will be transferred to Istanbul, UEFA confirmed today that the match between Champions League champion Chelsea and Europa League champion Villarreal will continue in Northern Ireland.”

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