May 13, 2021

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Edinson Cavani’s future at Manchester United to be cleared up soon

Manchester United fans may be wondering what’s going on with Edinson Cavani of late as his future seems to be up in the air due to recent confusion over some reports.

The experienced Uruguayan quickly won over fans with some strong performances but his form has dipped of late and his struggles with injuries has not ended.

This has led to some fans claiming Cavani shouldn’t be handed an extension and should be allowed to leave when his contract ends in the summer.

The talk a little earlier before this was that the former PSG man was going to have his one year extension triggered after impressing all those at Old Trafford.

However, the Tweet below suggested Cavani is on his way to Boca Juniors this summer, leaving supporters confused over the truth.

The first Tweet translates to: “In @MediodiaDIRECTV we say that Edinson Cavani wants to play in South America again and his first option is @BocaJrsOficial in June, knowing that he will have to lower his salary considerably. We will see if the negotiations are successful.”

However, it’s quickly cleared up in a following Tweet by the same author who says: “I didn’t say it’s coming. I did not say that he is going to come to Boca. I throw out one piece of information per year and they distrust me, I’m going to block them all.”

The second Tweet in this article is from TyC Sports who claim: “Cavani, increasingly away from Boca: about to renew with United. The forward would have no intention of moving to Argentina and would be close to extending his link with the English club.”

This is more in line with the news coming out of United and is also what reliable journalist Fabrizio Romano has claimed in the past.

It’s clear some information was twisted and lost in translation and quickly became a story that was blown out of proportion as it meant Cavani was leaving.

However, it’s now obvious to see that’s not the truth and it’s likely he will be extending his future with the club soon.

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