Daniel James explains what happened during near move to Leeds

After moving to Leeds, James made the return trip to South Wales where he helped the Swans finish in the first half of the Championship and the Emirates FA Cup fifth round, in the second half of the countryside.

Having bowed his head again after returning to Liberty Stadium, James impressed and ended the season with five goals and 10 assists, before signing for United the following summer.

“It was just a matter of going back to Swansea and training,” he said. “If I went back and was unhappy it would have been a lot different. But I was just happy to be back and play.

“I knew I was going to come back and play under the direction of the manager, I spoke to him right away and said ‘my head is there and I’m just going to keep playing like I’ve been doing all season’ and that did I do.

“It really helped me strive to be better towards the end of this season and looking back on it I think it all happened for a reason.

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