Aston Villa keeper wants Lionel Messi to win international trophy

Goalkeeper Aston Villa has become one of the important players in the English club. As a result, the 28-year-old goalkeeper is in consideration for the Argentina national team.

As the Copa América and the 2022 FIFA World Cup draw near, these are the last opportunities for Lionel Messi to win an international trophy for Argentina.

Nevertheless, even though Martínez is not part of the national team, he wants to see Messi win even though the Aston Villa goalkeeper is not part of the squad during an interview with Efe (Going through Diario AS).

“It’s the most important thing that can happen to you in sport. You are competing with the best in the world, ”said Martínez. “I would be happier for [Messi] to win a Copa América or a World Cup than for me to win it.

Argentina have quite a few goalkeepers to choose from as they try to win an international trophy for Messi.

Martínez has to compete with Juan Musso, Agustín Marchesín and Walter Benítez abroad. Meanwhile, home talents like Franco Armani and Esteban Andrada will also be considered.

The Aston Villa goalkeeper has made 29 appearances for the English club and has 14 clean sheets this season. Martínez is doing everything he can to make sure he’s part of the squad that helps Messi win his first international trophy.

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