Klopp bewildered by Trent Alexander-Arnold’s omission from England squad

When Gareth Southgate left Trent Alexander-Arnold out of his England team to face San Marino, Albania and Poland, it was a big shock to many, and nothing more than his Liverpool coach Jurgen klopp.

There are now serious doubts as to whether the Liverpool The star will be competing in the European Championship this summer and Klopp can’t figure out the decision.

“I’m a manager myself, I make decisions every day, every weekend, in the middle of the week, on team selections, team selections, and you still, probably, make decisions that others don’t understand, ”Klopp said at a press conference.

“But I respect that Gareth makes his own decisions, of course, absolutely.

“I didn’t get it anyway, because Trent Alexander-Arnold was for the last few years, at least the previous season and the previous season, the unparalleled right-back in world football.

“It’s the truth. At an unbelievably young age.

“I have no problem with my players getting criticism. They get it from me, they can get it from other people if they don’t perform well. But it’s the truth: he was there. ‘unparalleled right-back in world football “.

Klopp also conceded that Alexander-Arnold hasn’t had the best start this season but believes his form has since recovered.

“Now he started the season and had COVID early on which is not good, as you can imagine it took him a while to get into the season,” he said. .

“But from the moment he was in the season, he was one of our most consistent players and was kind of the top player. Robbo the same, could play all the time, high level, that kind of things.

“That can’t be the reason he wasn’t on the team.

“If you compare Lionel Messi every year to the best season he’s ever played and say he doesn’t play the way he did in 2005/06, he’s still the best player in the world.”

Based solely on this season’s performance, one could argue that Kyle Walker, Kieran Trippier and young Chelsea Reece james deserve more a place in the English configuration.

However, it cannot be disputed that Trent has been one of the full-backs in world football for the last few seasons, if not the best right-back, which cannot be overlooked at such an important tournament.

Great performances will now be expected from the Liverpool man by the end of the season, as he will surely be more determined than ever to regain his place in Southgateside.

The England head coach obviously needs to make sure his players are shooting all the cylinders ahead of the tournament, and Trent is going to have to step up his game.

If he continues to perform as we all know, there is no doubt that he will deserve a place on this plane in the summer.

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