Innovative Tuchel prompts Chelsea players use ‘secret code language’ to interact during matches – Talk Chelsea

Chelsea’s latest stalemate against Leeds United was proof of the side’s attacking inefficiency in the final-third. Tuchel has been making huge efforts to up Chelsea’s game in the final third but so far, it has been of no avail.

According to an interview by opposition team’s player, the German has taken an extra effort in gelling his stars at hand. He has apparently employed a method of code-sharing among the Chelsea players during matches – prompting the players the use an alien language to understand one another. Speaking confidentially to The Sun, the player said:

“You have no idea what’s going on but they know exactly what they are doing. It just makes the attacks quicker and more deadly because sometimes a guy passing does not even have to look up to know where the runner will be.

They use different words all the time too, so you can’t even work it out during the game.”

The code language is said to use a certain set of stimulants that makes the players understand what move to make next, especially in attack.

Tuchel’s critical management methods were most recently revealed by his former Dortmund player, Adrian Ramos, who said Tuchel places ‘high demands’ on his players.

Whatever his methods might be, Tuchel has successfully managed to go 12 games unbeaten and he has seen his Chelsea side score 13 and concede just two goals.

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