The Tianjin Tianhai saga continues to swing

The future of Tianjin Tianhai club in the Chinese Super League is back in the air, just two months after it was bought.

A badly damaged club seemed to wane before Vantone Holdings stepped in at the eleventh hour to save the club.

It was believed that this would be the end of the club’s suffering, but only two months later it emerged that Phanton was unable to agree on a financial package for the club, plunging it again into turmoil.

The situation with the First Division club is so dire that a select group of players intervened, with claims that they would be willing to forfeit their salaries for the sake of Covering the team’s finances Themselves, which allowed them to secure their place in the Chinese Super League in 2020

The club has been at the center of controversy since the days of Tianjin Quanjian, with the arrest of Quanjian Group leader Shu Yuhui, followed by a year in which claims for non-payment of wages were eventually filed.

Prior to Vantone’s approach to buying the club, which was said to be freely available, the club was reported to have debts in the range of CNY 1 billion, which the new owners will have to deal with.

It now appears as though Vanton is unable to take over the leadership of the club, leaving his future back in the hands of the CFA if no deal is reached.

This may be seen in a positive light by Shenzhen Football Club fans, who will be the biggest beneficiaries of the Tianhai solution, and have retained their place in the Chinese Super League after suffering relegation in 2019.

With the uncertainty surrounding Tianhai, there is a huge belief that the club may cease to function, with only a structural team available to choose even if they manage to retain their place in the first division.

Meanwhile, Shenzhen appears to be in a much more stable position and has built a team that is arguably worthy of the CSL, making it a more promising entity for CFA, which will undoubtedly be exhausted by the ongoing problems with Tianhai.

It’s a disappointing turnaround for Tianhai, who seemed to be a truly promising team in Chinese football after finishing third in the First Division and later reaching the AFC Champions League quarter-finals, just a year later. Raise the first Chinese League Cup.

A number of clubs in Chinese football have met their destinies this season, and if a takeover deal is not reached, then Tianjin Tianhai may be the newest and most famous to be added to the list.

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