Manchester United men share curious moment with West Ham star

Manchester United snuck past West Ham in what is ultimately a crucial win all things considered but fans were probably most intriguid by a moment that happened after it was all over.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men managed to overcome the London club 1-0 thanks to a Craig Dawson own goal that was somewhat forced by Scott McTominay.

In the end it proved to be enough to get all three points and United’s resilience at the back came to the fore.

Many fans noticed how tired the squad was and how the midfield needs help when it comes to breaking down stubborn defences such as West Ham’s.

For David Moyes’ men, Declan Rice was superb and put on a show for his potential buyers as the Red Devils are said to be keen on his signature.

Many have jokingly suggested both Harry Maguire and Solskjaer were recruiting Rice but it’s unlikely it ever got to that, though it doesn’t hurt to dream.

The two Englishmen have played alongside each other for their senior international side and so know each other well.

Solskjaer often interacts with opponents’ managers and players and so it’s typically something that isn’t read into much unless there’s a link already established.

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