May 11, 2021

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Parker pledges to “fight” and “destroy” in an effort to score Fulham’s “astonishing” achievement

Scott Parker admits that every match must be won by Fulham now, but vowed that they will “throw off” whatever they can get when they face Wolverhampton on Friday night.

The Coacher missed another opportunity to exit the drop zone on Sunday when he pulled back to A. 3-1 defeat to Aston Villa. Fulham were leading 1-0 before conceding three times in 10 minutes late in the match. To make matters worse, 17th-placed Newcastle grabbed a vital point against Tottenham.

Parker said, “I enjoy this challenge, and the challenge before us is seven games to put ourselves in an incredible position.”

“We will fight, try our best and do everything we can to give ourselves a chance to try and stay in this division this season.

“It will be a great achievement for the team and the football club and that is my only goal and I look forward to it.

“I enjoy this (challenge) and cannot wait for Friday. Regardless of this outcome, we are moving on to the next stage and we are still in this and it will be a year that will be a journey and hopefully a story will be told at the end.

Fulham are currently 18th with 26 points, three behind Newcastle, and Fulham are looking to secure points against Wolverhampton without a win since February 19.

“It’s a game to win, but last week was a must win, next week it will be a must win. We have seven games left and every game we have to win,” Parker said.

“It was like that for the majority of the year of course, early in the season when you have a lot of soccer matches to play you can remove them a little.

Parker maintains faith in Fulham

“Do I feel that if we don’t win, that will be a deciding factor? No, not at all, but if you ask me about this game, you need to win it, yeah, you definitely need to win it. We needed to beat Villa, and then We’ll need to go to the Emirates and beat Arsenal and that’s what I want to do.

“Are we able to do that? Of course we are.

“I still don’t think that everything said and done if there is no result because I feel that my team is capable – even with the next matches – is able to achieve results in this section and we have proven who – that. But yes, it is a game we want to try and get a result from it.” “.

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