Kylian Mbappe’s chances of staying in Paris Saint-Germain drop to 50/50

Liverpool’s hopes of convincing Kylian Mbappe to move to Merseyside may have improved, as the striker’s chances of staying in the French capital are now only 50/50, according to The Telegraph.

The club is believed to be preparing for an active tour of the transfer market once the season ends, with the target of the World Cup winner.

“Kylian Mbappe has cast doubt on his future by continuing to resist signing a new deal at Paris Saint-Germain,” Jason Burt Books. In fact, the chances of the attacking star now remaining in Paris Saint-Germain were only 50/50 with Mbappe only 15 months left on his current contract. “

He has reached a point where there is real anxiety that Mbappe wants to leave Paris Saint-Germain this summer.

“In January, the World Cup winner said he was“ thinking seriously ”about his future, and it is understood that the uncertainty created by the Covid pandemic means that it is still so.

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When it comes to rumors about Kylian Mbappe’s or Erling Haaland’s future at their clubs (in the context of a possible turnover at Anfield), we’ve crossed the range of ludicrous head shakes and arrogant mockery.

Sure, Liverpool is more of an option than a lure to any attacking superstar, but the fact of the matter remains that our finances are simply not geared towards spending an astonishing amount of money on one of the dynamic duo.

Or rather, in other words, it simply does not fit our model; He certainly isn’t without parting ways first with one of our top three – a prospect Jürgen Klopp will not tolerate, unless the player in question craves a step.

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