The transmission route closes for Wijnaldum as the new suitor deals with the deal for two reasons

The European champions soon stopped the attempts of the representatives of Jorginho Wijnaldum to introduce the midfielder to Bayern Munich.

The future of the Dutch midfielder continues to occupy a lot of vertical inches. Wijnaldum’s contract will expire in a matter of weeks and he will be able to transfer on a free transfer. However, on Saturday noon that Barcelona was now unwilling to make the move, leaving Wijnaldum with two transfer options.

As such, reports stated that Wijnaldum agents were still trying to find their client a new suitor. Now, according to Appendzetung Munich, Bayern Munich was one of those clubs contacted about a deal.

Hanse Flick’s side are looking to boost their midfield options this summer, after Thiago Alcantara lost to Liverpool last summer.

However, no hopes Wijnaldum It might be moving in the opposite direction and looks like it is over. This is after the German club claimed that they had rejected the opportunity to sign the Dutchman for two reasons.

First, they considered that at the age of thirty, time might be against Wijnaldum. The Dutchman possesses a lot of qualities and his strong nature is among his best assets. But questions have been raised about how long he can maintain that.

Moreover, they state that the wages that Wijnaldum demanded were in excess of what they were willing to pay.

These two factors alone appear to have blocked the potential Bayern Munich route to Wijnaldum.

In fact, Bayern is alleged to be in the market to sign a man linked to Liverpool as a substitute for Vinaldome. According to the article, Flick is keen to bring you the Florian Neuhaus is consolidating his midfield this summer.

Neuhaus, 23, is preparing to leave Borussia Monchengladbach this summer and is ranked in the 40 million euro category.. Liverpool are said to be keen but Bayern seem to be leading the race.

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Redknapp supports Liverpool’s position at the expense of Wijnaldum

Bayern’s stance on Wijnaldum appears to coincide with Liverpool’s hard-line stance on the new Dutchman’s deal.

Wijnaldum has been a vital component in Liverpool’s transformation into serial cup winners over the past five years. His tireless displays in the engine room helped lay the foundations for others on the team to shine.

Although it looks like he’s leaving, Liverpool has offered Vinaldom a new deal. However, the conditions presented did not seem to satisfy him, hence the speculation about moving elsewhere.

But Jimmy Redknapp insists Liverpool are right not to pay a ransom.

“They run the club in a way that’s based on statistics and you have to trust what they’re doing here,” Redknapp He said.

“I understand what they are trying to do, they are not just throwing money and giving players long decades.

“This is their model and it worked well for them. So you have to believe in what they are trying to do. You also cannot be exacted a ransom by the players.

“Wijnaldum was a great deal for Liverpool. His energy levels are great but they have a feeling, in the long run, he’s giving a player a lot of money until he’s 33 or 34 years old … They don’t want to do that.”

“I am sure that Jurgen Klopp will not want to lose him because you cannot deny that he is a great player. But it cannot be compensated, you can find players like him, and Liverpool will be in the market trying to find the next Wijnaldum.

“Time will tell if this is the right decision but I understand what Liverpool is trying to do.”

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