May 11, 2021

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Manchester City accepts Kayky’s deal

Manchester City agreed to a deal to sign 17-year-old Kaike from Fluminense Fabrizio Romano.

In February it was reported that the Premier League leaders were close to agreement, taking the race ahead of several Spanish clubs. City Fluminense will pay a base fee of € 10 million for Brazilian talent, with potential additions on top of that and a percentage of any sales to the player in the future. Kayky will join City in the summer of 2022, after turning 18 and signing a contract that will tie him to the club for five years.

The versatile young striker, who mostly plays as a right winger, has played in six matches this year, scoring two goals and assists once.

Talks between City and Fluminense are underway to include Metinho, a midfielder who is set to turn 18 this month, in the deal as well. Fees for its services will be around 5 million euros initially, with additions to that.