Colombian team play with 7 players due to COVID-19 outbreak

Colombian top team Rionegro Aguilas were forced into a game on Sunday with just seven players in their squad, including a reserve goalkeeper at center-back, after COVID-19 and injuries ravaged their team.

With 16 players testing positive for the virus in the build-up, seven sidelined with injury and a reserve squad who were far from fit for the game, Aguilas appealed to officials for the Liga Dimayor to have the game postponed, but they were told they should play on it. still.

“I know it’s a tough time, but if there are seven players available, you have to show up with those seven players,” league president Fernando Jaramillo told Win Sports recently. “It’s clear whoever doesn’t show up loses the points. I understand what’s going on, but you have to show up with the seven players.”

This is exactly what Aguilas did when Boyaca Chico arrived in town.

After posting on Twitter They were only playing to avoid further penalties, the relegation-threatened team lined up in a revolutionary 3-2-1 formation with substitute goalkeeper Juan Valencia brought to center-back. He even tried to line up with a goalie jersey, only to be sent back to the locker room to change.

And in one way or another, they did really well.

Their opponents were so frustrated at the start that they made two offensive substitutions in just 13 minutes, but even that wasn’t enough to break Aguilas’ resolve and the hosts managed to keep things moot until the 57th minute.

Chico managed to score three goals between that date and the 79th minute, when disaster struck Aguilas. Midfielder Giovanny Martinez was sent off due to injury, at which point the referee had to abandon the game because Aguilas did not have the minimum number of players required.

The game ended with Aguilas registering just two shots, 12% possession and lots of passive-aggressive tweets that made the set a real spectacle to watch.

To end the evening, Aguilas wrote on Twitter: “We lost the game, but we are going to win the battle against COVID-19. We are so proud of you guys.”


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