‘A lot of things are happening behind the scenes’ – Igor Stimac hails AIFF’s efforts to develop Indian football

The Indian coach did not rule out the possibility of selecting I-League players for the national team in the future …

Indian National Team Head Coach Igor Stimac praised the efforts of the Indian Football Association (AIFF) behind the scenes to develop Indian football.

In a conversation with AIFF TV, the Croatian manager spoke about the work being done to improve Indian football and said he hopes the hard work will pay off very soon.

What did Stimac say?

“People who see Indian football, they only see the ISL or the national team playing, but they can’t see these things happening behind the scenes, which we do with the grassroots program, the leagues of baby with the youth development program. This work will be seen very soon. We can already see it with these kids going through Indian Arrows. Last season we sent my team to help the Indian Arrows team. Venkatesh is in charge there who is my first assistant. Some of the players who went through this job last season at ISL, have been recognized as very talented and ready to play in ISL, “said the Croatian coach.

The Indian coach also responded to his critics who questioned him for not paying attention to the I-League. Stimac mentioned that Venkatesh, who is part of his coaching staff, is in charge of the Indian Arrows side and is watching the I-League closely.

He also felt that the I-League is currently functioning as a power source for the Indian Super League (ISL), but he also mentioned that the national team doors for I-League artists are not closed.

“Some people were worried that I didn’t follow the I-League this year, but I have Venkatesh there and he’s involved in every game, so I have some really good numbers, I-League stats This is how we follow ISL This is the professional part of Indian football, it is very well organized and from this part the players arrive in the national team.

“From the I-League, because it has an inferior football quality, I see the I-League at the moment as a filter for the ISL. It is a platform where young Indian players develop. , grow up and are recognized by and signed by ISL clubs. Which is not to say that some of the I-League players cannot make it to the national team roster, ”he said. Indian coach.

Growth of the Baby League in India

While talking about the Indian FA’s Golden Baby League project, Stimac pointed out that the number of baby leagues has increased in multiple ways across the country over the past two years.

“The Baby Leagues are the way football begins. It has helped tremendously in boosting the promotion of football in India. I think last year we managed over 30,000 games in this league all over India. A year ago it was 12,000 games. This will only increase. Football is becoming very popular. It takes time, but we have to be very confident in what we are doing, how we are handling it, we have to be honest and give the youngster a chance to play football, ”said Stimac.

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