Man City FC is ditching the Etihad seats to fit giant LED sponsorship panels

Liverpool rivals Manchester City are often cynical about their inability to fill the league – despite their amazing team and the fact that Pep Guardiola is in charge …

But it might be a little easier from now on, considering the fact that they are ditching the seats to fit larger billboards!

It sounds like April Fools, but it isn’t.

“The Premier League leaders will multiply the advertising space surrounding the stadium with a second layer of LED screens, similar to the system already in use at Molinuex Stadium in Wolverhampton Wanderers,” according to

“The installation will be facilitated by removing up to the first three rows of seats in the north, east and south stands which will reduce the total capacity of the stadium to 54,000.”

A statement issued by the club said: As part of Manchester City’s ongoing development work to enhance Etihad Stadium, a second row of digital signage will be installed at the bottom of the stadium. Unfortunately, a small percentage of the seats allocated to both season card holders and fans who buy on a per-match basis will be removed. “

Can you imagine the hype if we made Anfield smaller, considering how difficult it would be for most people to get tickets for even the stale game?

Especially to add care boards?


The waiting list for a season ticket is long – and as members still get tickets like Glastonbury!

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