What Joan Laporta suggested to Lionel Messi for an extension

RAC Radio 1 revealed, Friday, that FC Barcelona made the first extension offer to star Lionel Messi, at the end of his contract in June. This includes in particular the salary evolving according to the club’s financial condition.

«An extension of Messi? Everything is going well.In response to a question on Friday in front of the Sixa cameras, Barcelona club president Joan Laporta expressed his optimism about the 33-year-old Lionel Messi’s future.

The iconic Blaugrana striker is nearing the end of his contract in June, and the new Catalan coach has made his extension as his top priority.

A diminishing salary, but …

A few hours before that speech, RAC 1 Radio specifically revealed that the current third season of Liga had a premiere for the Argentine superstar and his entourage! First information: This proposal will include a reduction in the salaries of the highest-paid player in the world (74.9 million euros net per year). This may seem contradictory to the tremendous will Barcelona demonstrate to extend Messi, but given the troubling financial situation in the Blaugrana and the economic fallout from the Covid-19 crisis, the Catalans have no real choice …

As a sign of their goodwill, the proposal provides the possibility of an upward revaluation of salary depending on the development of the club’s financial situation. If the contract term is not specified, the media add that this offer is accompanied by the possibility that Messi will later start transforming as an ambassador for the club.

Negotiations have just begun …

At the moment, negotiations have barely begun and nothing says the Barcelona captain will accept this offer as is, but the final result leaves little doubt … the athlete that coach Ronald Koeman runs despite the recent defeat in El Clasico and was particularly reinforced by his family’s desire to stay. In Catalonia, Messi should say yes to Barcelona. But the six-time Ballon d’Or will first seek to negotiate the best possible contract and can wait until the end of the season before announcing his decision publicly.

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