UEFA will disqualify clubs from “Superleague”

UEFA announced, in a statement released on Sunday, that it will exclude from the Champions League, the most prominent competition between European clubs, clubs that participate in a possible special “Super League”. Hence, the governing body of European football is responding to new speculation about this potential closed tournament.

UEFA will exclude UEFA Champions League clubs from participating in the special “Super League”, which was confirmed by the European Football Association’s governing body on Sunday in response to new speculation about this lucrative closed tournament, the C1 competition whose reforms should be recorded on Monday. “A small number of English, Spanish and Italian clubs may plan to announce the creation of a so-called ‘Premier League’,” UEFA wrote in a statement, describing the project as “ridiculous”.

“Their players may be denied the opportunity to represent their national teams.”
“As previously announced by FIFA (…), the clubs concerned will be banned from participating in any other competition at the national, European or global level, and their players may be denied the ability to represent their national teams.”

The threat to disqualify the already splinter clubs was announced in January by UEFA and FIFA in a similar rumor that it would have dire consequences, as it would deprive the players concerned of any career of choice, even though the expected Superleague squads are full. Foreigners. It remains to be seen whether it complies with European competition law, which indicates a potential legal battle.

Big clubs involved

The threat comes as UEFA meets its executive committee on Monday to approve a Champions League reform that is supposed to cut the rug from under the feet of the supporters of the special Premier League. Several media outlets reported on Sunday the possibility of formalizing such a project, a real eel in European football often raised by the big clubs to gain more franchises from UEFA.

According to the New York Times, Real Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Manchester United and Manchester City and Liverpool and Chelsea in England, Juventus and Milan in Italy are affected by the project, and no fewer than 12 teams have signed in total. “Until they are founding members or show interest.” UEFA also thanked the clubs of other countries, “especially the French and German clubs that refused to follow this path.”

Elysee interacts

The European Union adds: “We call on all football fans, supporters and political leaders to join us in fighting such a project if it is announced,” saying that it is ready to use “all the means at its disposal at all levels, judicial and sports,” to prevent this.

Symbolizing the importance of the file, the Elysee wanted to talk about the topic: “The President of the Republic welcomes the stance of French clubs refusing to participate in the European Football League project that threatens the principle of solidarity and sporting merit.” . The Elysee wrote in a press release to Agence France-Presse, that the French state will support all steps taken by the LFP, FFF, UEFA and FIFA to protect the integrity of federal competitions, whether they are national or European.

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