Twitter reacts as Tottenham suffer Europa League exit

When you name Jose Mourinho as your manager, you know you’re not going to be treated with stellar, fluid football, which leaves you desperate to see your squad again as soon as the final whistle is given.

However, what do you are going to be treated to a team that knows how to drag itself on the line in matches and always manages to find a way to reach the last stages of competitions.

Yehhhh, about this last piece …

Tottenham traveled to Zagreb for the second leg of the Europa League’s last 16 games on Thursday night, with Mourinho’s men having a 2-0 lead in the first leg at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium last week.

No English team had failed to advance to the next round in a European draw after holding a two-goal lead in the first leg since Manchester City pulled it off in 2017, but good ol ‘Spurs went on bottling …

A pretty embarrassing defeat for a team that just two years ago qualified for the Champions League final, right? Well every team gets beaten from time to time, at least the loss can’t be made more humiliating … what is it? THEIR DIRECTOR WAS IN PRISON ?!

With the Spurs destined for another trophy-less season (because let’s be honest, they’ll be bottling the Carabao Cup final if that performance was anything to go by), almost everyone’s attention on social media is shifting. is turned towards Mourinho.

The man brought into the club to deliver a ‘win at all costs’ mentality just doesn’t appear to be able to help Spurs overcome their trophy.

So, do we give her a little more time and hope her class can start showing up? Hahaha don’t be silly, this is social media, we are chasing him with our pitchforks and flaming sticks in the air.

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