Manchester United’s Paul Pogba dismantles tricky AC Milan side

Manchester United star Paul Pogba absolutely led the clash against AC Milan and it is safe to say he was the man of the match for the draw.

The sensational midfielder had just 45 minutes against the Italian giants as he was brought onto the pitch in place of Marcus Rashford at half-time.

Still, that didn’t stop Pogba from implementing a remarkable change that effectively placed his side in the next round of the Europa League.

The World Cup winner has just returned from an injury himself and it was more evident than ever how much his United team-mates needed him.

The players were unrecognizable in the second half, playing completely differently from the first half and that was largely linked to Pogba.

Pogba’s physical form must always be carefully managed to ensure that he does not succumb to injury yet again as Manchester United desperately need him for the season.

The ex-Juventus man has unfortunately suffered a period of injury dating back to last season, before that he had barely suffered any beatings so it is almost unusual for him to be unavailable.

Pogba has only one year left on his contract and the hope is that he can extend his stay and continue to perform as he did against Milan.

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