Manchester United’s European Super League dream could be falling apart

Manchester United owners, the Glazer family and executive vice president Ed Woodward may have had the bottom rug pulled when it comes to their plans for a European Super League.

The controversial tournament has gone from a dream to a real competition in recent days and has certainly rubbed football fans around the world the wrong way.

United, along with a host of other big European clubs, have chosen to part ways with the Champions League to start their own tournament in which they are apparently looking to ‘save football’.

However, the football world has been in turmoil as they recognize the plan’s lie and it appears the backlash has led one of the clubs to attempt to back down.

Chelsea retiring from the European Super League could see other clubs quickly follow suit as they try to save face in what has been a disaster of days.

That said, there have been conflicting reports claiming any rumor that members of the European Super League want to step down is ‘mischief’.

Fans are, however, hoping that this BBC report is true and that everyone can quickly forget that this football nightmare is over before it really begins.

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