Spurs boss Mourinho applauds Zagreb in dressing room

Jose Mourinho showed his respect immediately after Tottenham were knocked out of the Europa League by Dinamo Zagreb, with an elegant personal gesture after the Spurs clash collapsed.

The north London side, which lost their big clash to Arsenal this weekend, entered the second leg with a 2-0 cumulative lead, but squandered that and were eliminated in a loss 3-0.

Mislav Orsic was inspired for the Croatian outfit, first scoring a brace to send the tie to extra time before burying Spurs’ hopes with another fine goal to leave them shaken after 120 minutes of action.

Images have now emerged of Mourinho walking towards the Zagreb dressing room and applauding the whole squad, with the players certainly enjoying the football icon’s gesture.

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Spurs reached a new level of collapse on the relatively big stage tonight as they lost to a team which just saw their manager, Zoram Mamic, step down after being sentenced to just under five years in prison .

After such a shocking and glaring loss, it shows Mourinho’s true class to pay tribute to the men and the entire club who made Croatia proud tonight.

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