Beat the clock and name Liverpool’s top goalscorer in every Premier League season – Liverpool FC

Liverpool are currently playing their 29th Premier League season, but among the previous 28, who has won the top scorer title at the end of every top-flight campaign?

Since the Premier League’s inception in 1992, 28 seasons have been played – the most recent of which saw the Reds end their long wait for the title.

Meanwhile, Liverpool had a number of world-class operators in their squad who were more than capable of consistently finding the net.

But exciting campaigns with over 30 goals for a single name have also been met with campaigns that have seen less than 10 suffice to clinch the club’s top scorer tag in the league.

All in all, Liverpool have seen 12 players claim the title in the 28 Premier League seasons so far, the question is, do you remember them all and name them before time runs out?

You have 12 players to name in just 3 minutes!

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