VAR decisions overturned by analysts

Although it has been a part of football for almost two seasons now, VAR remains a technology that divides.

It has more to do with administering the same as it does with the technology itself, which seems to work as intended.

Time and time again, match officials and those who run VAR at Stockley Park seem to be making the most basic decisions in the wrong way, and it’s no wonder there is still so much exasperation on the part of managers. , players and fans.

Now part of the process has been uncovered and revealed an outrageous way of reaching certain decisions, which will certainly merit further investigation.

The Sun reports that the so-called VAR commanders, who have no decision-making authority, are crushing the VAR operator.

Former manager Mark Halsey discovered that when Manchester City’s Phil Foden should have been awarded a penalty against Southampton, a decision that was not made by on-pitch referee Jon Moss, Commander Adam Carter told VAR operator Andy Madley not to examine him.

VAR is in the news again

“I have been briefed by reliable people involved in the arbitration as to what is going on at Stockley Park in regards to VAR decision making,” said Halsey, as reported by The Sun.

“The incident involving Phil Foden and Alex McCarthy was not considered a penalty by field referee Jon Moss.

“I was told VAR Andy Madley thought it was a penalty and was about to recommend a review when Adam Carter got involved and told Madley it wasn’t a penalty.

“The game manager shouldn’t be making decisions during a game. Adam was never a referee, he was an analyst.

“I understand the City incident has been the topic of discussion for officials in all leagues over the past week. It makes me wonder, has this happened before?

“I feel for officials in this situation. Now I know why VAR is everywhere and has drawn criticism from managers, players and fans for its inconsistency and rightly so.

“The proof is in the pudding of how it’s been run over the past two seasons.”

If nothing else, Halsey’s comments will surely prompt an internal investigation, with the larger issues blindingly obvious.

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