I am very bored of the Kuwait Stock Exchange

I never expected to like Stan Kronke or the Kuwait Stock Exchange. I never expected to get excited about it. Venture capitalists don’t tend to be the type of people. If he were to sell the club tomorrow, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to go have a beer and sing a song with the next owner of Arsenal either. I had expected that the Kuwait Stock Exchange would make unpopular decisions that would test my relationship with my team.

It’s pretty clear that the Premier League was the end of the Kroenke game from day one. That’s why he appointed Evan Gazidis, now the red-faced CEO of AC Milan and one of the other unfortunate first-class engineers this week. This is also the reason why Kroenki appointed Raul Sanlihi to his executive team, he wanted Rolodex, the wavy Raul.

Sanllehi’s hire is an illustration of KSE’s reign at Arsenal, because instead of using his vast network of contacts to pressure the body and setting the club for a brave new footballing future, he actually used it * to erase the sentence * while Kroenkes seldom noticed on their farm. In the final episode of Podcast Tivo The committee spoke to James Montague, author of “The Billionaire’s Club.”

James was asked about his “favorite” of the club’s twelve owners who were the “masterminds” of the recently announced separatist league, which was a deceptive way of asking him who he thinks is the biggest rascal is “probably Stan Krunk,” James replied. “I visited St. Louis shortly before his move to Los Angeles, and anyone who can make an entire American city hate the NFL is somehow impressive.”

I was expecting a lot of things from the Kuwait Stock Exchange ownership but that is what I did not expect – complete incompetence. My first concern was, ironically, that Stan interferes with the business of Arsene Wenger, whose stock was slightly higher when the Kuwait Stock Exchange appeared on the scene. I had hoped it wasn’t an obstacle to Wenger’s work. Talk about being careful what you wish for!

Soon the American Arsenal fans assured me that Stan Kronke’s interference with the coach was the least of our worries and how right they were. However, I still expected some kind of effective cruelty from it. I thought they would make decisions that would test me, but I thought they would do it in an admirably cruel and discreet way.

I have been told that they run a series of medium and underperforming sports clubs in the United States. It quickly became apparent that they had no interest in trying to push Arsenal beyond fourth / third place. Even then, I believed that the future under the Kuwait Stock Exchange represented staying in this category, mired in a kind of luxurious despair of being in good shape without striving for excellence.

What I wasn’t ready for for a while is … how bad they are at it. How bad they are at making decisions and running a football club. I allowed myself to be tricked because their wide athletic range means they’ll be smart, if it’s hard for them to like it. Stan Kronke’s tenure at Arsenal was a disaster. I’ll just let you sit silently for a second and try to contemplate one impressive or far-sighted decision made during the KSE ownership.

Difficult is not it? I suppose buying StatDNA seemed like a sound enough idea on the face of it, and to be polite, we’ll call the results of this project “mixed.” I have never been much of an objection to Kronke’s silence. As I’ve said so many times before, I’m not particularly interested in lying. Nor do I think it is a bad idea to entrust the management of the club to specific “experts” while maintaining a quiet distance. The issue is how terrified they are at hiring these experts.

Almost every appointment on their watch has been a failure so far. The highly charged executive team they put in place to prepare for the post-Wenger era lasted marginally longer than the Super League Ponzi scheme in which they were tricked. Quickfire resignations and shameful dismissals were the order of the day for everything they touched. (The jury is still out on Edo Gaspar and Mikel Arteta.) They were either inactive or, at best, reactive. I can’t think of one thing preemptively done – even commercial revenue has declined over the ages.

We see the results on the field, too. You only need to look at the team position in the league during the KSE term. The issue is compounded by their remoteness and separation. It takes a long time to understand that the house is on fire because their heads are spinning hard the other way, allowing inefficiency to fester and refusal to keep emerging.

Now we get to their last finale – the Premier League mayhem which is definitely one of the most embarrassing and embarrassing events in football history. Make no mistake, the Kuwait Stock Exchange was not one of the spectators clinging to the lifeboat of the Premier League motivated by opportunism, but rather one of the architects of this farce – which was roughly equivalent to 12 wealthy men who accidentally hit the “Reply All” button when mailing a picture. Mail from their bare donkeys.

This great Super League idea has been sped into the public domain with no sponsorships, no streaming links, no agreement from the players they were supposed to participate in, and no organized press lines about the benefits of this idea – in fact, everything they had a WordPress blog. Silly Logo Clipart. Stan was one of the predecessors of this absolute disaster. Doesn’t it make you proud?

The fact that these twelve men had just allowed an audacious takeover of their land to dissipate like a fart in the wind in less than two days hardly speaks to their proficiency in organizing brewery parties, let alone a separate football league. Ultimately, Arsenal needed the Premier League because it was run so poorly that it needed to eliminate the risk of competition as a necessity.

In 2019 Josh Kroenke seriously looked at Arsenal’s media cameras and declared, “We are keeping the UEFA Champions League payroll bill on the Europa League budget.” The fault of this? This is something that only a person with lifelong protection from consequences will say with a straight face. “Yes, well, running this pub has proved extremely costly in fact, because we keep peeing in barrels and setting everything on fire.”

I totally understand the way Stan Kroenke has managed his series of sporting franchises by numbers in the states, and I understand that regulations in the US allow him to do that as well. I also understand that his plan has always been to help transform English football into something similar to the American model so that he can do the same with this ‘franchise’. You don’t need to go, go into the eyes of the devices to see how long this situation develops.

What honestly surprised me was just how poor his judgment was at nearly every turn. His greed is not a surprise to me but his incompetence. The relationship with the fans has been irreparably damaged, and the relationship with Premier League clubs and other European clubs is in tatters.

Fennel for ideas of players who agreed to cut wages while their boss plotted this supposedly profitable separation. I’ve been upset at Arsenal before and I know I’ll be upset at Arsenal again. I was never ashamed to be a fan of Arsenal until this week. It’s an absolute cluster knot and all blame points to one direction and one direction only.

Kroenk Out.

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