Richards posts Instagram response to England’s insult to Trent

Sky Sports analyst Mika Richards has posted his startling response to Gareth Southgate’s decision to leave Trent Alexander-Arnold from the England squad.

The former Premier League star has rightly indicated that the number 66 owner has already won the Champions League and Premier League titles after setting the hurdle for what the full-back can achieve.

The England coach explained: “I don’t think he has played at the level he has been in the last few years. He’s a huge talent and I’m sure he will play a big role for England in the future.”

Take a look at Richards Reaction on Instagram below:

The former Manchester City player has jumped into Trent Alexander-Arnold’s defense after he was left out of the England squad

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Losing England is a win for Liverpool

While it is undoubtedly a strange decision to leave Alexander-Arnold out of his team in England, Southgate’s explanation comes through more insulting in describing the 22-year-old as if he was a recent academy graduate with nothing but potential.

However, given our misfortune with injuries this season, it is ideal for Jurgen Klopp to give some relief to his main stars – especially his full-backs who, amongst themselves, have missed only two Premier League matches this season.

We were as shocked as Richards, but the decision finally gave us a favor ahead of what will be a tough end to the season.

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