Former PL striker accuses Liverpool team of bad behavior

Former Hull City striker Dean Windas accused Liverpool of ditching Jurgen Klopp that term with a dip in mindset.

The Reds had struggled to replicate their title-winning style the previous season, and now find themselves five points behind fourth place with nine matches remaining in the league.

“The Liverpool players have failed the coach this year.” The 51-year-old told Football FanCast. “You go and win the title by playing very well all season and it’s like they went well. We won the league, we can go back to not winning it for another 30 years.”

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Injuries have accumulated since Virgil van Dijk was disqualified for much of the season with anterior cruciate ligament damage

Was there a decrease in focus from the team?

It’s a bit unfair, to say the least, to point fingers at players contemplating the utter turmoil that caused the formation of Liverpool’s first team.

Let’s not forget that we spent most of the season without two central defenders, Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez, the first of which is vital to our overall playing style, not to mention months without Diogo Jota. And Thiago Alcantara.

The effect of the injuries has been analyzed by forensic medicine, but it is obvious of course that the loss of several key men over the course of the year has had a negative effect on confidence and on the way a normally well-oiled machine works.

As for the drop in mindset – the remaining ties between the English Premier League and the Champions League with some semblance of full strength will be evident.

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