Juventus ace denies talks with Brazilian club as Bayern Munich stay unlikely

Douglas Costa’s European football career is in limbo as FC Bayern Munich will not seek to keep Costa in the long term. Meanwhile, Juventus FC probably want to rejuvenate and lose high wages.

Although the future for the 30-year-old is cloudy, it is certain that Costa wants to stay in Europe. In addition, Costa has dispelled any rumors of a potential return to his native Brazil.

In an interview with Radio Gaucho (via Twitter), Costa has denied any discussion with Brazilian club Grêmio. A few days ago, the club president said he had been in contact with the Juventus striker; however, Costa says none of these claims are true.

“I have a three-month contract with Bayern (loan) and one year with Juventus. For the moment, I have nothing (contact with Grêmio), just the three months I have at Bayern. Now is not the time to think about it, ”said Costa.

“I am a Gremista, first and foremost. I am from the Grêmio base; I understand that a lot. But it’s like I said: for the moment, I only think about the three months I have. To give the best of myself at Bayern Munich.

Costa is under contract with Juventus until 2022, but Bayern Munich are not looking to keep him and the Italian side are ready to undergo significant changes in their squad. As a result, Costa will be looking for a new club this summer.

Nonetheless, with the 2022 FIFA World Cup on the horizon, Costa wants to stay in Europe to earn a place in the Brazil national team.

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