Jesse Marsh informed Celtic that he will not manage them next season

Celtic has been linked to quite a few coaches lately, and it looks like Red Bull Salzburg coach Jesse Marsh is on their radar.

Marsh recently revealed that it is an honor to be associated with a club of Celtic stature.

The Salzburg coach is highly rated in-game and could prove to be a great long-term appointment of the Scottish uniform.

Celtic needs to be rebuilt, and Marsh could be the perfect candidate to nurture young talent and add a distinctive style to the team.

However, the appointment appears unlikely this summer. According to journalist Christian Falk, Marsh has informed the Celtic board of directors that it is not available.

The 47-year-old has an exciting project at his disposal in Salzburg, and it will be interesting to see if any team can knock him out of the Austrian side at the end of this season.

Celtic parted ways with Neil Lennon earlier in the season, and Associate Director John F. Kennedy is currently the interim president.

The Scottish team will have to get their next administrative date to challenge the Rangers for the title next season.

Celtic should be looking to bring in a talented young manager with progressive ideas that will foster young players and produce an exciting football brand.

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