Details emerge from Henderson’s response to ESL news in PL Captains’ WhatsApp group chat

You know things are serious when Jordan Henderson sends a message to the Premier League captains’ WhatsApp group, ”Said Burnley skipper Ben Mee, as quoted by the Liverpool Echo.

Red’s midfielder is openly respected among his peers and naturally took on an important role in his side’s stance on the news of an erupting European ‘Super League’ earlier this month.

Liverpool players took to social media to tell fans they did not want the proposed plans to continue, in a move that caught the attention of any fan base in the country.

Mee revealed more details about the special WhatsApp group chat, again quoted by Echo: “We all shared our similar views on the matter there and needless to say they were not positive.

Jordan Henderson is loved by Liverpool fans

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Those at the clubs involved were put in an incredibly difficult position, knowing that their employers were trying to do something against their wishes. They love football and do not want anything to happen to the Premier League.

The captains are willing to put rivalry aside and talk to each other, something I do not think would have happened until last year.

Within 48 hours of the first joint announcement from the 12 clubs involved in the creation of the proposed European ‘Super League’, it was revealed that Henderson had called an emergency with his co-captains.

The Liverpool midfielder, a true leader, continues to be a great example and works off the pitch, making Anfield faithfully proud and grateful that he is their captain.

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