Man City become No 1 in Premier League highest salary table

Manchester City sit first in the Premier League’s highest payroll table, followed by Liverpool and Manchester United.

The Reds spent a colossal £ 325million on wages in the 2019/20 season – a figure believed to be heavily linked to bonuses in a year which saw Jurgen Klopp’s men claim their first top-flight title since 1990.

This represents a 4.8% increase in their 2018/19 payroll of £ 310m and a remarkable 23.6% increase from the 2017/18 total of £ 263m.

These numbers mean Liverpool now have the second highest payroll in the Premier League, putting them ahead of rivals United.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men aren’t too far behind after paying players £ 284million in the 2019/20 campaign.

They are just ahead of Chelsea, who have shelled out £ 283million on salaries over the same period.

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But it is Manchester City who are literally at the top of the bill with their colossal salaries totaling £ 351million last season – a Premier League record.

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