May 8, 2021

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Thomas Tuchel analogizes football to art & names his biggest role models – Talk Chelsea

Thomas Tuchel has experienced a difficult but outstanding start to his life as Chelsea manager. The German has gone nine games unbeaten in all competitions since Chelsea relieved Frank Lampard of his duties.

In an exclusive interview with Chelsea TV, Tuchel spoke about his early career as a coach with VfB Stuttgart.

Tuchel said he has ‘many influences’ as role models, both in personal and professional life, starting with his own father –

“First of all, it was my father who coached me as a player with all his passion, that fathers coach their sons. Later, in Stuttgart’s famous academy I met Hermann Badstuber, who unfortunately died much too early. A big big influence on me, like a second father figure. He showed me how curious you have to be and look into the details. Before him, it was Ralf Ragnick.”

On how it is to function as a coach, Tuchel analogized football to art:

“It is not just arriving half an hour before training. It’s more than just a hobby. You have to underline it with hard work. The game has to speak and express for itself. If a writer or a painter has to explain about his book or painting, maybe they are not the best book or painting. It should stand for itself.

He then thanked all the people who served as a support in propelling him to the success he has achieved until date:

“In football you need to be a lucky person and I’m grateful I was always surrounded with supportive people. There’s no way I could have done this alone.”

Speaking of his biggest role models in the same interview, Tuchel also mentioned Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola as a ‘big influence’ in helping him understand the intricacies of the beautiful game.



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