May 16, 2021

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José Mourinho reveals his favorite for the competition

Without a club since his departure from Tottenham on April 19, José Mourinho will have some time for the summer before finding a new challenge. He will not be far as the technician will be a consultant for Times and Talk Sport during Euro. Before the Portuguese gave us his analyzes, he gave his forecast for the competition. According to him, there is not really a favorite that shows up, but he sees the English Gareth Southgate among the favorites, those who come out of a rather successful world championship in 2018 with a 4th place.

«England is one of the candidates. I do not think they can hide. They play the group game in England. And not only does England look good, but no team looks phenomenal. There is balance. The English have the advantage at home, they have had the same coach for a few years. They have the experience of playing in the World Cup, where they played very well. During this World Cup, they were still a bit young, just like Marcus Rashford. Many players are in the same situation. I think it’s a good chance, ”he said Mourinho, who did not hesitate to give the Times the name of the team he would like to see win. Portugal? “Yes”. And if Seleção ever came out, the coach would like to see the three lions lift the trophy.