May 18, 2021

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Manchester United against Liverpool will probably be delayed

Manchester United’s game against Liverpool this afternoon seems very likely to be delayed due to the huge protests of Old Trafford fans.

Protesters against Glazer invaded Old Trafford before the big game today and this certainly caused the huge break that was planned.

Although the teams have still been told to start the game at the originally scheduled time of 16:30, now it seems much more likely that they will have to wait.

See below for the latest when United fans take over the stadium in some style …

These protests follow the recent drama of the European Super League, which saw Man Utd emerge as one of the 12 founding clubs in a new breakaway race.

However, this proved extremely unpopular and quickly fell apart, although it seems that Red Devils supporters still want to protest against their owners.

Glazers have long been the target of fans’ anger, and it looks like the Super League farce may be the last straw to smash the camel’s back.

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