May 18, 2021

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Liverpool against Manchester United referee turned away

Liverpool’s impending clash with Manchester United has been called into serious doubt, with the referee reportedly being rejected following the staging of protests at Old Trafford.

This comes from Sky News, which suggests that it may be a struggle to get the protesters under control within the next 90 minutes – an hour before the draw has to start at the time of writing.

The protests on the club’s grounds follow the owners, Glazers, with introducing the site to an erupting European Super League, a move that was reversed after a serious setback from supporters of Premier League big six.

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While there is a strong possibility that the actions of the Red Devils supporters involved in the demonstrations may very well result in the luminaire being delayed or potentially rejected altogether, we can certainly understand the level of anger that fans feel over the ownership.

If protests like this can lead to changes in the sport, and most importantly, for supporters to have a stronger influence on club decision, then a delayed game is certainly a cost worth bearing.

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