May 8, 2021

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Neville mentions several reasons why ‘fighting’ Glazers should sell Man Utd

Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville says he understands the frustration that fans protested against the Glazer family at Old Trafford on Sunday.

Fans waiting to see United United Liverpool Premier League clash invaded the runway to vent their spleen about the club’s owners. It was in response to their part in the failed European super league that threatened the future of the sport.

Although the Red Devils joined the other five English clubs, they did not draw fans. And they certainly have not forgiven, with banners on the field demanding that the Glazer family sell the club and move on.

While the fans’ action does not condense, Neville believes that it proves depth of emotion towards the owners involved. And the expert feels that it should further galvanize the fraternity of football against perceived threats.

“All football fans should unite today behind what Manchester United fans have done today, because what happened two weeks ago was really dangerous for English football,” he said. Sky Sports. “There is enormous dissatisfaction. They basically say enough is enough. ”

And the former England defender pointed out exactly why there is such vitriol aimed at US owners.

“The Glazer family has been resilient and stubborn for many years,” he added. “I think they have been fighting for many, many years to meet the financial demands that this club needs and has made for some time.

“This stadium, if you go behind the scenes, is rusty and rotting. The training area is probably not even in the top five in this country. They have not reached a Champions League semi-final in 10 years and have not won the league in eight.

“The land around the world is undeveloped, dormant and abandoned when any other club seems to be developing their facilities and their fan experiences.”

Neville wants the Glazers to do ‘honorable’ things

Neville has United in his blood after playing 602 appearances and playing exclusively for the Premier League giants. He has become an outspoken expert and drew no blow in what he feels is now to happen at Old Trafford.

“The Glazer family is struggling to meet the financial demands, and fans say time is up,” he continued. “They want to make a fortune if they sell this football club. If they were to issue it for sale now.

“I think the time would be right and that would be the honorable thing to do.”

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